The Kili Centre has intention to rent a farm where it can grow maize and beans in this time is does not own a farm. The problem is the required resources to run the project. Effort is being carried out to secure funds in order to run this project that will ensure food sustainability of Kili Centre and its children.

Consultations made:
Expert people were consulted on this matter for questions arising, initially on how big the land should be for rent. It has been suggested that 10 acres (4 hectares) to be enough for growing maize and beans. These people also suggested that 3 acres should be for growing beans and the rest for maize. These people were also consulted on costs of renting land and operational costs up to the last stage (harvesting products).

Analysis of why costs are such:
1. Rent of land
2. Preparing the land
3. Hiring tractor for land clearing
4. Buying seeds
5. Putting the seeds in the soil
6. Purchase of fertilizers
7. Consultation fees from agriculturist specialist
8. Weeding costs
9. Security costs
10. Harvesting costs
11. Preservation costs

Profit Making:
We can make profit from this project as one acre of maize (will have 7 acres) can produce 20 sacks of maize. One sac 8,000,000k of maize can be sold for 40,000TSH [22€] which will amount to 8,000,000Tsh [4,442€]. Profit from the maize will be 8,000,000TSH – 6,395,500TSH (costs) = 1,604,500 = [890€]

We can make also profit on beans. One acre of beans (we will have 3 acres) can produce 10 sacks of beans and each is sold for 10,000,000TSH [5,553€]. Profit from the beans will be 10,000,000TSH – 6,395,500TSH (costs) = 3,604,500TSH [2,001€]

TSH= Tanzanian Shilling

Another profit in this project is our children will participate in some of the required activities during free days which it will add to their education and teach them about agriculture.