Plans for the future

As you can see on our program pages, we’re only limited by financial and human resources, there is simply too much to do. Let us introduce a few ideas for future programs we intend to run; from mere ideas to some that are almost ready to run…

This is a Community Outreach Program where by orphan and street children are attached to trusted and wise adults in their communities of origin for the purpose of easy supervision and follow-up of their daily concerns. These adults are community members who have interest in supporting others, human dignity, growth and development of the child and must be selected, screened, trained and charged with overseeing and supporting orphan children Read more…

This program intends to work with 100 families of vulnerable children and youth with the purpose of improving their economic bases. This will be achieved through mobilizing these families to form their own economic support groups, training them in small business entrepreneurships and linking them to credit shops for loans. It will provide more opportunities to women as one of the ways of empowering women in rural areas, thereby also empowering the sustainability of many families as women are the pillars of many families.  Read more

This program aims to get a clear picture of the needs of orphans and street children and the extent and cause of problems they face in the Kilimanjaro region. Since circumstances change over time, this will be an on-going effort. The outcome of this program is to keep different actors informed on the real life situation of children living in vulnerability in the Kilimanjaro region. Read more

This program is designed to raise awareness within orphans and street children,their families and communities on the issue of HIV/AIDS. It uses the Outreach approach in delivering the information about the problem of HIV/AIDS. Read more

This program intends to help children who are orphans, living on the street, at risk of dropping out of schools or even who have already dropped out of schools by addressing the causes that put them at risk and excluded from the schools. The program provides sponsorship to individual pupils by connecting these children with individuals and organizations who are interested in supporting them longer term. It also works with the families of these children to find short and long term solutions of their situations through Community Economic Support Groups (CESG’s). Read more