Community Economic Support Groups

This program intends to work with 100 families of vulnerable children and youth with the purpose of improving their economic bases. This will be achieved through mobilizing these families to form their own economic support groups, training them in small business entrepreneurships and linking them to credit shops for loans. It will provide more opportunities to women as one of the ways of empowering women in rural areas, thereby also empowering the sustainability of many families as women are the pillars of many families.

Many organizations that are dealing with problem of orphan and street children have a culture of helping only these children and leaving their families of origin which are the major sources of these children to live in vulnerability. In many instances poverty (poor family) has been the major cause for a child to live in vulnerability. In order to avoid these children from living in vulnerability KILI CENTRE wants to work with their families to improve their economic bases so that they will be able to sustain by themselves without needing to depend on external support.

It costs 70 USD per each family member to be a member in the group, trained, given start up capital, linked to credit shops for loans to further business and supported and followed up in a period of one year.