Research Program

This program aims to get a clear picture of the needs of orphans and street children and the extent and cause of problems they face in the Kilimanjaro region. Since circumstances change over time, this will be an on-going effort. The outcome of this program is to keep different actors informed on the real life situation of children living in vulnerability in the Kilimanjaro region. Currently Kili centre aims to conduct a baseline survey in 4 target areas to assess the number, causes and the needs of orphan children. These target areas are Kibosho, Machame, Uru and Majengo wards. These areas are in Kilimanjaro region and have been selected because majority of street children in Moshi town are coming from these areas. Additionally, they will provide us with the relevant information to decide on the next step to take and on which regions to focus in following research.

The initial research described here will cost 1200 US Dollars; Contact Us for a detailed break-down of projected costs.