Kili Centre (Registration number: 07NGO/1812) is currently supported through donations, grants, contributions and sponsorships from various individuals and companies. All donations are greatly appreciated; together we can help make a difference in these beautiful children’s lives.

If you want to assist us financially, material and in kind, a number of options are open:

  1. You can make an on-line donation with Credit Cards via Paypal. (see right)
  2. You can transfer money to our bank account at Standard Chartered. (see below)
  3. You can commit holistically by month or by year to our ’Sponsoring the Children at Kili Centre’ program.
  4. You can Donate to a specific project of scheme.
  5. You can Support a Project by donations or organising your own fundraising.
  6. You can Volunteer or Contact Us in person to find out how you can help too!

At our Residential Care Centre children access food, shelter, clothing, health care, adult care, social and psychological support. You can sponsor a child to access all of the above mentioned services by providing $90 a month or $1080 a year.

Through our Education Program children access education services for their development in order later to become self reliant. You can sponsor a child to access education services by providing $75 per term or $150 a year.

Through the Outreach Program children access services such as being identified, accessed and admitted to access residential care services and reunified back to their communities of origin. Sponsor a child to access reunification services by providing $30 a month or $ 360 a year.

Money transfer 

If you want to assist us financially with any of our on-going programs please contact the centre to make arrangements.

All donations are greatly appreciated!