In order for Kili Centre to further its work of supporting orphans and street children in the Kilimanjaro region, it welcomes different people from different places to volunteer in the areas that they are capable of. There are many options of how a person can volunteer at Kili centre. One can volunteer by remotely offering services or by working with us here at the centre.

For those who can volunteer through remote services we seek people who can actively help us with:

  • Development and implementation of communication and marketing projects.
  • Development and promotion of proposals to donor agencies and individuals.
  • Hosting fundraising events for specific projects at Kili Centre.
  • Website maintenance and updating.

We would also welcome any other skills that you have to offer, please contact us if you think you can help out.

For those who want to come and work with us physically can be involved in both activities as stated above and here below;

  • Initiating, implementing, monitoring and evaluating different projects at Kili Centre
  • Working directly with our children in accordance of the organization’s needs and priorities.

Current vacancies for volunteers

Following we list our vacancies we see as most urgent, or priority one. Please have a look below, or click here to download the vacancies in PDF format.

Remote workers

Currently, the Kili Centre is looking for volunteers willing to fulfil the following positions, which can, for the largest part, be run from your own place of living.

Please click on any of the above to get more information.

Vacancies at the centre

Currently, the Kili Centre’s priorities can best be fulfilled if we can get a little help in the following areas:



Residential Care

Please click on any of the above to get more information. Additionally, there are some (future) vacancies of a somewhat lower priority. You can view the complete list in this PDF document

Working at the Kili Centre can be a rewarding experience. We expect all our staff to acknowledge that they are working with children who have perhaps not had the best start in life. We expect alongside your duties that you take time to interact with them and become an important role model.

All roles are currently available on a volunteer basis until such time that the centre starts to generate the required funds to include salaries for all staff.

If you would like to apply for any of these positions, please click here to contact us and tell us briefly about your education, experience and the position(s) you are interested in fulfilling. Also please give us an indication of the time, if any, you will be spending in Moshi, Tanzania.

With hope to be working together some time in the future,

Kind regards,

Stella John,