Have Fun Fundraising for  Us

Volunteering at our Kilimanjaro center for an orphanage and street children, you will spend most of your time actively participating in the lives of these children whether financially or socially or both at once. Kilicentre needs people like you to continue our progress and ensure the kids in our care have a future. There may not be a more exciting opportunity to put your faith into action than to make a difference in the life of a child today, a family tomorrow, and an entire nation in the future. We organizing short and long safaris as to make fundraising for the Kilicentre children, we want to make a difference in this world for these children. Your money which you pay in Wildlife Safari will go in the operation of our center, paying the school fees for the children, buy clothes, medical services, food, wages and salaries and all required necessities for a child. FOR MORE information If you want only to donate please look at our  page DONATE